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When I moved to Henson Garden Apartment a few years ago, Mark Gilkey was and still is the manager. I have spoken with Mark Several times about managing apartments because I move here I had been an apartment manager. I worked for a small sized complex of 40 apartments. I knew the builder and owner of the complex he offered me the job. I worked for about 15 years. I know what a difficult job it can be showing apartments, collecting rent, and handling disturbance.


Mark Gilkey is an excellent manager. He is kind, friendly and helpful. He surveys the grounds, contacts contractors for fix it problems, without residents waiting for a long time. This being a senior complex, I can just about guarantee there are very few rowdy seniors living there.

Under Mark’s direction, the grounds are lovely, grass mowed, sprinklers working correctly, light bulbs replaced on the post lamps and near the apartment doors. As a gated community, the seniors feel safe walking the grounds at early evening and at night.


As I have gotten older, I have had trouble with my knees. I had to move from an upstairs apartment to one that is downstairs. Mark allowed me to move which resolved some of my pain I had endured.

Special thanks to Mark for making this a wonderful place to live.


Patricia Campbell



Mark, I want to thank you for the year I spent in my apartment(#66). You were most accommodating to my needs. I didn’t require much, but the few times I needed your assistance you were quick to respond.

You were and are, the most professional manager I have had, and would recommend to anyone to give you a call when looking for a well maintained complex.



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